77th Annual InfinCom / Desk 'N File Men's Shirtsleeve

Date: Jan. 26 - Jan 31, 2016
Entry Fee: $340 per team - event format
Entry Information:

76th Annual InfinCom / Desk 'N File Shirtsleeve Draw Completed



Todd McCann and John McShane at the 75th Shirtsleeve in their Seahawk stuff!

Below "Berkley Manser in front of the Seahawks lounge downstairs at the 75th Shirtsleeve!


2014 Shirtsleeve Event Winners:

1st Event

Team Moulding (second Dustin Larsen, skip Darren Moulding, lead Kevin Beauchamp & third Ron Hawkins)


2nd Event Team Pittman


3rd Event Team Perry


4th Event Teat CV Shorts


5th Event Holmes Ecowater #1


6th Event Team Peterson

Bonspiel News





InfinCom Office Systems   www.infincomoffice.com

Desk 'N File Office Furniture Warehouse   www.desknfile.net


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