Seniors League

2015 League Times: Tuesday - Friday 1pm to 3pm
2015 Fees: $295 plus gst
League Liaison: Gloria Moore
Begins October 6


League News




On behalf of the Lethbridge Curling Club (LCC) and our LSCC Executive, I welcome you either back or to our club for the 2015/2016 season. The Senior Club does not have teams, it is completely composed of individuals placed by a computer program for each square and bonspiel, so you do not have to join a team to belong to our club. After each square, our members are put back into the computer for the next round and a completely different team.


We had a very good year last year with new members joining us and our overall membership continuing to be strong. We hope to continue to grow and we encourage you to talk to your friends and family to come out and join us. We offer a free two day instruction clinic in the fall to anyone who would like to try curling, no obligation to join. We have found that if you have not been on the ice for quite a few years, like, say, High School, it is nice to try being on the ice again to see if you can do it without having to join. Many of our members have started to use the stick to throw the rocks and it seems that they are better curlers now than they ever were, so if knees are a problem, try this new method out at our clinic. (See below)


We will have our four regular squares and four bonspiels. The Kergan is in the fall session, the Ham and Turkey just before the December break, the Green Acres Seniors Open in February and the Club Championship at the end of the season. Bonspiels are not a part of the squares and players do not have to enter them. Our social events, besides coffee after each game are as follows: The New-Comers Luncheon is for every new curler and is free for them • The Christmas Social is at the end of the Ham and Turkey Spiel.


We host a Welcome Back Luncheon after the December Break. We contact all the curlers who have had to leave our club for various reasons to join us for lunch at a nominal cost. These people have built our club and it is our honour to welcome them back.


Registration starts August 18th and goes till the clinic’s at the start of October.  Seniors only register their name, not as a team, as we rotate our teams throughout the year. Special requests may be made and the executive will make any final decisions.


We are again hosting a FREE curling instruction (or re-fresher) course to all our members and potential new members. We have this offered for two days at the start of October from 1 pm to 3 pm each day. You may come for either one day or both, the only equipment you need is some clean (very clean) shoes and slacks which will allow you to stretch out in.


Senior Curling Club Executive 2014/2015

President........................ Jack Fulwiler

Past President.................... Earl Barton

Vice President..................... Tokio Hori

Secretary...................... Joanne Overn

Treasurer..................... Wayne Barber



Assist. Treas................... Doug Parker

Social............................ Monica Perry

Draw Master................. Clarence Beler       

Assistant Draw M........... Cecil Murakami

Members at Large Terry Seely, Ken Perdue


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