2016-17 League Times: Weekly Times: Thursday - 6:30pm
2016-17Fees: $395 plus gst per person
2016-17 Schedule: Thursday Men's 

2016-17 Standings: League Standings


League Info

League play will begin October 6, 2016 at 6:30pm. This years league consists of 23 games. After 21 games the top 4 seeded teams will go into a 2 game playoff. The winner of those playoffs will be crowned this years Club Champion.

The SAAL Paving Game of the Week

New for this season we are introducing the SAAL Paving Game of the week. Each week a game will be chosen at random to be the SAAL Paving Game of the Week. The winners of this game will receive a free Jug of Draft courtesy of our League Sponsors.