Wednesday Open League

League Times: Alternating Weekly Times: Wednesday - 6:15pm & 8:30pm
Fees: $295 plus gst
League Liaison:  
Schedule: A Square Schedule
B Square Schedule
Standings: League Standings


League News


At the beginning of the season we will not play in squares. Depending on the number of teams registered we will have 2 to 4 seeding games. at the end of the seeding round, teams will be placed in their proper squares based on their seeding record..

At the conclusion of the first squares, and depending on the number of registered teams the top teams in each square will move up to the group above them and the bottom  teams in each square will drop to the square below (A top and D Bottom  will not move).

We will be having a Club Championship bonspiel after leagues are completed.  Details will be provided during the season.


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