SOS Sponsorship Program

Since inception, the total purchases made by our members from our SOS participating sponsors have exceeded $30,000.

For you to be a winner, you need to join this program. For our members to be a winner, all they need to do is shop at your business. Once they have made their purchase, they just bring in a copy of their receipt to our offi ce and place it in the draw barrel.

At the end of every month, and again at our Annual General Meeting (for the grand prize draw) we will draw one entrants name per business (6 monthly and one grand prize draw).

Our members are rewarded for supporting your business and, and you see the real benefit from your sponsorship dollars.

Note for the monthly draws, the participants are eligible to win any one of the gift certificates, so you are likely to see new customers in your business and our hope is that this new customer will continue to support your business.

We guarantee we will send our members your way, and as an added benefit, we will be able to inform you at the end of season of the total purchases made by our members.

SOS Sponsors

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